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Professional Male Escorts for your companionship. Our men are the top of the line, no other company provides incredible examples of masculinity that know how and when to deliver.

Men who are in tune with the vibe of their date. Not rushing to the end of the date, instead relishing the journey fully knowing that their job peaks at the end and performance is everything.


Being a member brings a level of protected discretion for both the client and our guys. Once a member you will have access to private explicit photos and video of all the men that are available for dates. We aren't willing to share our guys private shots with the public. Its members only here.


Established In 1998 Prestige is the brainchild of arguably the most prolific male escort working today. He's famous at his job, there is even a book about him available for download at Amazon.
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Join our ranks and earn top dollar for all your time at the gym. Incredible earnings are possible for quality men 18 years and older. All races welcome.